The name DELTA stands for, Development, Education, Learning, Training and Activation. Over the years the Service has sought to live up to the principles of its name and the result is a progressive and high-quality service.

Delta Centre is open from 9.30 – 5pm Monday – Friday.

Most service users attend on a full-time basis, i.e., 30 hrs per week but some attend part time. Attendance depends on the needs of the individual.

Post-School Options

Adult Day Service

Adult Day Services are programmes to provide day activities, access to supported employment and voluntary work programmes for people, age 18 and over. The programmes assist people to make choices and plans and to be an active, independent member of the community. Delta Centre endeavours to deliver its Day Services in line with the HSE national policy for Day Services “NEW DIRECTIONS”. The New Directions policy plans to provide a Model of Supports organised around the person, based on their identified needs and wishes. This approach sets out to ensure that being part of one’s community is a real option. Each individual with an intellectual disability be it mild, moderate, severe or profound will be offered the appropriate supports to meet their identified wishes and needs. To read more about New Directions go to HSE’s website:

Rehabilitative Training (RT)

RT is a HSE funded training programme to help develop life / independence skills, social skills, and basic work skills. Service user participate in this programme for three to four years and are supported to develop and review training plans in line with their needs and abilities. Rehabilitative Training is intended to help participants progress to greater levels of independence and integration in their community. It can support the transitioning process to mainstream post-school education and training or to specialist vocational training.  It includes 9 different subject areas. These include Independent Living, Self-Advocacy, IT, Literacy & numeracy, Woodwork, Horticulture, Catering, Sports. Service users preferences for these subject areas are continuously monitored and changed where needed. Six months prior to the end of the programme a Future Planning Meeting is held to clarify the future service provision for the individual including location, level & type of service and timetables are  devised based on the service users future needs/desires.

ACCESS Programme

This programme is designed to support service users who have completed the RT programme to increase participation in their local community and so reduce dependence on Delta Centre. Activities include volunteer work, supported employment, courses of interest to them, using leisure facilities, gyms etc. The aim is that in the future this group will avail of supports via a community location in Carlow town

Traditionally, the vast majority of activities and supports were provided in a centre-based service location. Many individuals depending on their strengths and abilities, still receive some or most of their supports in the centre. However, in line with New Directions there is a growing number of service users receiving community-based supports as well as centre-based services. It is the intention of Delta Centre to continue in this direction to supporting people access mainstream services in the community where possible.